Foggy nights: Long distance trains rescheduled


Lucknow: Fog has started affecting movement of trains all over north India. On Saturday, several long distance trains were rescheduled by railways for running late.

Trains arriving at Charbagh station in the morning were late by one to two hours. But trains would depart on time in the evening, said senior divisional commercial manager, northern railway, Lucknow, Ashwini Srivastava.

A passenger train between Lucknow and Kanpur was cancelled. The delayed trains included: 13483 Delhi-Malda town Farakka express (late by seven hours), 14209 Lucknow-Allahabad intercity (late by more than four hours), 19053 Surat-Muzaffarpur express (late by about five hours), 14649 Saryu Yamuna express (late by more than seven hours), train 13049 Amritsar-Howrah express and 13005 Amritsar-Howrah mail (late by three hours), 14369 Triveni express (late by more than ten hours), 15654 Jammu-Guwahati express (late by seven hours), 14007 Raxaul-Delhi express (late by nine hours) and 12331Howrah-Jammu Tavi (late by three hours). More info

Ilustration photo DEEPAK VERMA  muzaffarpur -surat 9053 express

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