Darjeeling Toy Train

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A journey by the Darjeeling toy train is truly an exhilarating experience. Though the 83 km stretch is covered in about eight hrs but the experience is beyond description.

Captivated by the ethereal beauty of the Kanchenjunga, Franklin Prestage, the agent of the Eastern Bengal Railway formulated the plan for Darjeeling Railway in 1878. Construction of the railway line up to Darjeeling was completed by July 1881 and the earliest locomotive came from Atlas Works in Manchester. The Darjeeling Steam Tramway Company, which was formed later, became the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Company in September 1881.

The earliest passenger vehicles had canvas roofs and wooden benches. There was a first class carriage for six passengers, a second-class carriage for eight and third class open trolleys with side and end curtains for a load of 16 passengers each.

The zigzag railway linking Siliguri in north Bengal with Darjeeling is a marvel of miniature rail engineering and girdles streams and tea gardens on the way to Sukana where the ascent begins. By the time it reaches Chunbhati and crosses the loop, it has climbed up to 672.9 m. The method applied in constructing this line had been first adopted by an Austrian, Chega, who helped the engineers in obviating the necessity to bore tunnels, by artificially lengthening the line by means of looping it.

The train strikes the first spiral or loop followed by the second in proximity of the 20-kilometer post. It is an amazing engineering feat, practically a double loop, for the rise from Rungtong to Tindharia. More info

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