Chug down memory lane with Kolkata’s museum tram


Kolkata is the only city in India where trams, the slow-moving archaic mode of urban transport, continue to operate, preserving the romantic, old-world charm in a rapidly changing modern city.

In its 140-year-old history (starting from February 1873), the tram has seen innumerable changes, and in the process, has changed itself many times — from the horse-drawn carriages of the late 19th century, to the steam-driven cars, and finally the electric trams.

The long and interesting history of this historic mode of transport is being presented in a unique fashion in the city. The Calcutta Tramways Company has come up with a singular concept — a mobile museum tram, christened Smaranika (memorablia).

The Smaranika houses photographs of different kinds of trams down the ages, different tram tickets, badges, caps and others apparels worn by the conductors, along with different kinds of equipment that have been used from the bygone times. More info

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