Can Uber end the dominance of autorikshaw, taxis in India


Today the public transport scenario in most major cities is pathetic. Uber, a US company, is offering some relief to Indians from the ever adamant autoand taxiwallas

In a remarkable turn of events, Uber, a US company, is in India with a radio cab servicethat is challenging not only the existing players like Mega Cabs, Meru and OlaCabs but also auto rickshaws, the unruly and polluting mode of transport for a large number of urban Indians today.

Uber, which translates to Super in German, is a company from San Francisco, US. Much like what Amazon is doing in every market it enters, Uber’s first priority seems to be to gain market share. This has led to Uber’s services being competitive even against autorickshaws.

When Uber launched in America, it’s proposition was to provide cab services using top-end cars like Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Now in india, Uber realises like most foreign brands in India, that it cannot win without attacking the low-priced segment. So, it has launched UberX, its economy version of Uber. More info

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