Bones in veg meal: Railway says passenger picked up non-veg lunch


New Delhi: Railways, which had conducted an enquiry into a complaint of bones being served in vegetarian dish, on Wednesday said that the passenger had mistakenly picked up the non-veg meal meant for his co-passenger.

“The complainant passenger had mistakenly picked up the non-veg meal meant for his co-passenger,” the Railways said in a statement.

The complainant, however, was “satisfied with the prompt action taken by railways” and agreed to close the matter, the statement added. Northern Railway has already imposed a heavy penalty of Rs 1 lakh on the service provider for misbehaviour of the waiter.

The enquiry was conducted after the passenger travelling on the Guwahati-bound Rajdhani Express found that the vegetarian dish he ordered contained pieces of bones. The incident happened early September when Tikam Chand Jain, a frequent traveller, boarded the Rajdhani from Delhi on September 19 and ordered a vegetarian meal the next day.

To his surprise, 65-year-old Jain realised that he was chewing bones served in the curry. He complained to the manager serving food in the coach and later a written complaint was sent to the headquarters, according to a report submitted to Railway Ministry.

Railways has been flooded with complaints about the pathetic condition of catering services and quality of food. Despite the complaints and action against caterers, these kinds of incidents have been repeatedly happening. Recently, IRCTC was fined Rs 1 lakh after a cockroach was found in the food on Kolkata-Rajdhani on July 23. More info

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