At second Kaya Kalp meet on railways, Tata seeks details on rail accidents

Source:  TNN

NEW DELHI: The Monday accident at a railway level crossing in Andhra Pradesh which killed six people echoed at the meeting of noted industrialist Ratan Tata headed Kaya Kalp council on Tuesday.

Tata sought details of recent train accidents and the transporter’s action plan to prevent such mishaps.

He wanted to know whether level crossing (LC) gates are being equipped with hooter system to warn road users about arrival of a train at the crossing. Soon after he was informed that some LC gates have the hooter system, Tata expressed a desire to have complete data on accidents, including types of accidents, casualties and other loss in the recent past and the steps being taken to curb such incidents, according to a source present in the meeting.

Tata also wanted to know how such incidents can be averted by using technology.

A source said railways was asked to prepare the accident data which would be taken up at the next Kaya Kalp meeting on September 11. The council was briefed about the way railway finances are linked to general finances and it sought to understand the subsidy element. The meeting was also apprised of the huge cross-subsidy given to the passenger segment from freight earnings. More info

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