100 pc foreign, private investment in rly sectors

By  Avishek G Dastidar  indianexpress.com

The Railways has identified 17 sectors in its operations to allow 100 per cent foreign/private investment. This effectively communicates to investors across the world exactly which areas of India’s rail sector are open, how much and in what ways.

The new guidelines, approved by the government under the FDI policy, was also shared with the Bibek Debroy-led high-level committee on Railway Board restructuring earlier this week.

Going beyond expected lines, like high speed railway, freight corridors, suburban lines, the Railways has opened up areas like standalone passenger lines (hill railways), passenger terminals, bio-toilets, technological solutions for unmanned level-crossings, mechanised laundries, testing facilities, and construction of bridges, wherein the private investor is allowed to earn money by levying toll. More info


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